Engine of Ruin

by Killing Addiction



Engine of Ruin is the first track from the forth-coming Shores of Oblivion EP, available October 20th by Xtreem Music: www.xtreemmusic.com


Enslavement, human entrapment,
Autonomy stripped away.

Exploit, manipulation,
Predators hunting prey.

Fractured, a mind is broken.
Trauma to scar the soul.

Silent, a life in shadow.
Cloaked within hopelessness.

Ruined, corrupt intention,
Target the innocent.

Futile, a barren system.
Servants of greed and lust.

Vicious subordination,
Global conspiracy.

Abject, malicious engine.
Corrosion is by design.

Betrayal from history.
Machiavellian ways.

Forfeit of liberty.
Deify industry.

Torn away, taken for greed.
Vacant of purpose, conscience and shame.
Sovereign privilege, alienate.

Made subhuman, made a slave.
Blind subversion, ruin for gain.
Life in shackles, life undone.
Suicidal, hope is gone.

Outcast, live the despondent,
Suffer in ways unseen.

Captives among the wicked,
Human commodities.

Fueling the ways of disgust,
A breeding of tyranny.

Faceless, the countless victims,
Intrinsic disharmony.

Vassalage, criminal breed.


released October 20, 2016



all rights reserved


Killing Addiction Ocala, Florida

KILLING ADDICTION is a death metal band from central Florida with an established name in the old school death metal genre. The band’s debut LP, titled Omega Factor, is considered a minor classic of American death metal, which led to their follow-up recordings Dark Tomorrow (EP), Fall of the Archetypes (full-length and limited-edition EP), and the most recent, When Death Becomes An Art (EP, 2014). ... more

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